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What DCME Is About? DCME Is A Group Of Different Services Including DCME Pos, Redbox, Online Dry Cleaning, Fleetchain And Counter Protect. Combining All This Within Your Business, And You Are Good To Pursue Your Business Instantly.

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Reliable means that you will consistently behave in a certain way; trustworthy means that you can be given responsibility for doing or looking after something .

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Our mission guides us in achieving our collective vision of being the clear and acknowledged leader in our marketplace in sales activity and community enhancement .

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Our vision is put into action through our dry cleaning technology and focus on leadership, activities to benefit the businesses, and a commitment to build service.

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Innovate our brands. Through innovation, we create value for our customers and their consumers, which strengthens our brands and market positions.

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A price that is too high or too low for the Dry Cleaning market can seriously affect the industry. Dry Cleaners will investigate to find out if the product is truly a higher-quality item. Good product equals a fair pricing structure is crucial. ... our prices is actualy set low for the industry, our customers find our products not to be expensive.

In my previous life as a dry cleaner, I owned up to 12 dry cleaning outlets. I consider the knowledge that I have brought to by my own experiences and delving into the DCME point of sale software. Creating integration between the POS and garment conveyors, conceptualizing the 24/7 Red Box self-serve dry cleaning machine, known as The Red Box, integration over 15 years ago sending a text message to my customers, and more importantly listening to my dry cleaners needs in adhering to their independent needs of what makes their system better for them.

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    A report is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific audience and purpose.

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    Protection is any measure taken to guard a thing against damage caused by outside forces.

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    Analytics gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those business insights to take action, such as improving your bottom line.